Suman Chiplunkar – Mudras and health perspective

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Review of “Mudras and health perspective – An Indian Approach” by Suman K. Chiplunkar MA. MEd. MA (published by Abhijit Prakashan, Mumbai).

School of Yoga explains Suman Chiplunkar – Mudras.

Mrs. Suman K. Chiplunkar was born to D. Venkatesh Bhat Marathe and Padmakshi V. Marathe at Karkala (Udipi Dist., Karnataka, India), but moved to Mumbai early in life. She has completed MA (History and Sociology), MEd and MA (Kannada) and served as a Teacher, then Inspector of Schools, and finally as Superintendent of Schools in the Education department of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. She was introduced to Mudras by Dr. Lalita Rao, a former Health Minister in the Government of Maharashtra in 2000 AD. After this, she developed her skills on the subject and conducted over 220 workshops on the subject of Mudra. Her first edition on the book of Mudras was in 2008 and this review is on the twenty-fifth edition.

School of Yoga reviews Suman Chiplunkar – Mudras.

The book may be split into 7 sections, covering a vast number of subjects;

  • Mudras – without doubt, this is the best section. It is put together very well and covers the subject in depth. It is obvious that Suman Chiplunkar has enormous competence, passion and knowledge on the subject. This section also has a comprehensive chapter on therapeutic Mudras which makes this section, a “must read” for anyone interested in Yoga!
  • Ayurveda and health – This section is a good primer on Ayurveda, taking the reader through the basics of Ayuveda, diet and lifestyle control.
  • Nature and nutrition – This seems to be a mix of western and Indian concepts on natural healing, health and lifestyle. There seems to be some overlap with the section on Ayurveda.
  • Yoga – This section is a good primer on Yoga, touching on various subjects which form to become Yoga. The section then concentrates on Raja Yoga, but skips the asana aspect while laying enormous emphasis on pranayama and nadis.

    Suman Chiplunkar - Mudras and Health

    Suman Chiplunkar – Mudras and Health

  • The philosophy of life and health – in this section, the book moves away from material underpinnings of Mudra, Ayurveda and Yoga and takes a more moralistic or religious turn, focusing on behaviour and character development.
  • Sun worship and (7) Gayatri Upasana – these two sections move out of the realm of spirituality and health, into the space of religion and worship. Surya Namaskar is well explained.

This is an excellent book on Mudras and covers other related aspects well. However, there are some repetitions and some of the cataloguing of topics can be confusion and make reading of the book tedious.

This book is obviously directed at the modern Hindu.

School of Yoga concludes review.

“Mudras and health perspective – An Indian Approach” by Suman K. Chiplunkar is a “Must Read” for anyone interested in the Indian approach to health, spirituality and Yoga. Review by Vishwanath R. Iyer

5 Replies to “Suman Chiplunkar – Mudras and health perspective”

  1. varun says:

    My name is Varun Vij. I am an IT professional, 32 years old, living in the UK.
    The challenge is that I am experiencing heaviness in the head around the temple region for the last 12 years.
    There is no headache, only heaviness. This heaviness causes me restlessness and causes much discomfort in remembering and focus. There is also a pendulum kind of energy near the chest area up to throat which i can feel whenever i nod my head. These issues aggravated doing any sort of yoga.
    I quit yoga 2 times and I got 50 percent relief from my symptoms.
    I received benefit doing Prana mudra and dhyana mudra 5-6 years back but now it’s been almost a month but my symptoms are not getting sorted.

  2. Ranjit Sadanandan says:

    Sumanjii has taught me the Mudra Therapy 3 years ago. I had been to Nasiq all the way from Cochin to learn this amazing technique. Now I use this magical therapy to cure lots of people in Cochin.Some illness heal quickly say within 10 minutes or some in half an hour. But to cure the prolonged illness patients I just took only 2 months. It’s quite incredible. Her book is quite helpful to tackle any situations in life. The credit goes to the patients. because they performed the mudras well . Glory to God !!! Glory Sumanjii !!! I am just a mediator

    1. Thank you. Please do send us more feedback that might be of use to other readers as well.

  3. Vinay devadiga says:


    1. Unfortunately Smt. Chiplunkar is no more.

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