Sethubandasana – Bridge building pose

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School of Yoga explains sethubandasana (bridging pose)


Sethubandasana (Bridge building pose)

Sethubandasana technique:

  • Sthithi (starting) position: Lie down on the back. Keep hands at the sides.
  • Keeping knees together, fold them knee and bring feet close to buttocks.
  • Try to hold ankles with the hands.
  • Using lower back and shoulder, lever upwards to reverse-stretch the lower back.
  • Keep the back in even tension.
  • Maintain oordhva-drishti or gazing at the ceiling or sky.
  • Maintain shallow breathing. Hold 10 to 30 counts.
  • Slowly, release pressure on the back, straighten up and bring hands to the side.
  • Breathe deeply. Once is enough.

Sethubandasana benefits:

  • This exercise is excellent for toning up muscles of the lumbar and thoracic area – lower and middle back, shoulders, upper and lower thigh muscles.
  • Excellent for lower back pain as it tones and strengthens all the muscles in the lumbar region.
  • Improves and tones all the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.
  • Helps in stabilising menstrual issues.

Sethubandasana contraindications:

  • People with back problems should attempt this asana after first consulting a physician.
  • People with lower back problems must perform this asana only under supervision of a physician.
  • Do not perform this asana during menstruation or pregnancy.

Some noteworthy points on sethubandasana:

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  • People with cardiac ailments should do this exercise slowly because of the aerobic nature of the asana.

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