Gomukhasana – Cowface Pose

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School of Yoga explains Gomukhasana (Cowface Pose) 


Gomukhasana – Cow faced asana

Gomukhasana technique :

  • Sthithi (starting) position: Sit on the floor. Keep legs straight ahead and hands at the sides.
  • Grab the left foot with both hands. Guide it over the right leg under under the right buttock.
  • Lift the right foot over the left thigh and place it close to the left hip joint.
  • This is veerasana
  • Take the right hand over the shoulder.
  • Slide the left hand behind the back and try to couple it with the hand over the shoulder
  • This action will force the spine into a reverse arch.
  • Thrust the face up like a cow to stretch the cervical region.
  • Maintain shallow breathing if unable to sustain a “breathing out” situation. Hold 3 to 10 counts.
  • The drishti for this asana is oordhva drishti (gazing into space or ceiling)
  • Slowly, release the pressure on the back and bring the feet closer to the face
  • Breathing in, lift the legs and bring them back to the ground. Straighten the body
  • Breathe deeply. Repeat 3 to 6 times.

Gomukhasana benefits :

  • This asana benefits conservation of seminal fluid and activation of the svadishtana chakra..
  • The reverse arch results in strengthening of the entire spine.
  • Also, this asana strengthens the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
  • This asana is very good for resolving issues regarding menstruation.
  • There is enormous strengthening of the lower respiratory tract when one combines ujjeyi pranayama with this asana.
  • In the final pose, where there is a reverse chin lock, the stretching of the cervical region increases blood supply to the thyroid and improves functioning of the endocrine system.

Gomukhasana contraindications:

  • People with cardiac or hernia problems should attempt this asana after first consulting a physician.
  • People with lower back problems must perform this asana only under supervision of a physician.
  • Do not perform this asana during menstruation or pregnancy.

Some noteworthy points on Gomukhasana :

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  • This is one of 84 asanas specified by Siva

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